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A Collection on Spirituality and Religion

Generally when you find a collection of articles on religion, those articles focus on one religion. This can be helpful if you belong to the religion you are reading about, but it doesn't always appeal to a broader audience. That's why we are taking a different approach with this blog. The articles posted here will be about religion, but no one religion, specifically. We will also post articles about spirituality, which is commonly seen as a more independent, less organization-based way to think of life. Please enjoy reading what we have posted here. You're welcome to stay as long as you want!


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Bridging The Gap With Church Online

Has it been a while since you went to church? Perhaps you are among a staggering number of the population who stopped attending church altogether. There are a number of reasons why church attendance has fluctuated. Some churches have stopped having in-person services. Transportation issues and health issues are common challenges faced by some individuals who have a desire to go to church. There might also be a relocation, which can cause an individual to be displaced from their usual church. If there are not any churches in their new location with the same faith-based services, it can be a challenge to get to these services regularly.

Modern times have allowed many individuals to do things that they might otherwise be unable to do. It has bridged the gaps between communities. Socializing by electronic means has improved communications and allows individuals to access certain services. Online church services are one of the benefits of this technological trend. Individuals can attend services online from other countries and states. The following points identify a few of the benefits of attending or becoming a member of a church online.

24/7 Access to Services

Many churches have online live streaming services. Some of them also have 24/7 playback options. If you have a hectic schedule, you will likely appreciate being able to choose when the best time to worship is. Live streaming will allow you to access your church services, even if there are other obligations that interfere with your in-person attendance. Many parishioners attend online live services while they are commuting to work or on their lunch breaks. It can also be beneficial for unexpected moments such as needing to visit with a loved one who is hospitalized.

Traditional Church Services Available Online

Perhaps you have concerns about whether you will get the full service from online attendance. If you have concerns about religious obligations such as paying a tithe, most church online services have a variety of options for visitors and their members. In many cases, you can allocate the donation to special funding the church has or to use as the organization sees fit. Other services, such as marriage counseling and studying religious material, may also be available through live streaming but in a private setting. 

Learn a New Religion

If you have struggled with your faith and are curious about another religion, online church live streaming can give you insight into another religion or another church. Perhaps you have anonymity concerns. This is an understandable concern if you feel your family or others in your community might not approve of you attending. Many churches offer the option for online attendees to attend under the name "Guest" and to turn on their cameras or leave them off. 

For more information about attending church online, contact a local service.